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Want your Videos Analysed?

Know What to Work On and Prepare yourself for the Upcoming Season

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Follow the Steps Below

Video Recording

Record your Batting or Bowling Video as per the Recommendation Specified for the Best Analysis Results. 


Select the Analysis Plan of your Choice

Share Video

Share your Videos in the Link Provided after Purchase

Analysis Report

Get your Analysis Report and Have a One to One Video Session with Me to Understand your Technique and Get Suggestions and Feedback

How to Record Videos?

Video Recording for Analysis

  • Proper Camera Positions and Good Video Quality helps a Lot in better Analysis of your Movements

  • Safety Precautions of every Person and the Camera Equipment is very Important

  • Tripod is preferred for Recording Videos but a steady Handheld Mobile can also be used  

  • Front View and Side View of your Batting and Bowling Videos helps for better Analysis.

  • Back View can be recorded if Front View is not possible

  • Carefully see the Camera Positions in the Image as per the Batsman or Bowler to get the best Videos

ground video shoot.png

How to Record Batting Videos?

Batting Front View.png
Batting Side View.png

Front View & Side View

  • Middle Stump in the Centre of the Frame

  • About Half the Wicket should be seen for Ball pitching

  • Bowlers release Point should be in the frame

  • Enough Space above the Batters head to see bat movement

  • Avoid Left Arm Pacers for RHB

  • Right Armers Bowl Round the Wicket & Left Armers Bowl Over the Wicket for LHB

  • Side Camera to be kept on the Batting crease or slightly ahead to get the batsmen in the centre of the frame while playing the ball.

  • Stumps to be visible at the edge of the frame.

  • Keep enough Space above the Batter’s head for bat movement.

  • Keep enough space for a Front stretch or step out shot.

  • Avoid Side Net where possible or set camera focus on the batter to get a clear view through the net.

How to Record Bowling Videos?

Front View & Side View

  • Middle Stump in the Centre of the Frame

  • Bowler should cover 75-80% of the Vertical height of the frame at the Release Point

  • Bowlers complete Run Up and Follow Thru should be covered in the frame.

  • Set the Camera on the Bowling Crease at eye level

  • Bowler should cover 75-80% of the Vertical height of the frame at the Release Point

  • Pan the Camera from the start of the Run up until the follow thru

Bowling Front View.png
Bowling Side View.png

Sample Videos for Reference

Select your Analysis Plan

Bronze Plan

  • Technique Analysis

  • Report

₹ 2,500/-*

*Only Batting or Bowling Analysis at a Time. Buy Separately for All Rounders

Silver Plan

  • Bronze Plan +

  • Advance Technique Analysis

  • Sample Video for Comparison

₹ 4,000/-*

Gold Plan

  • Silver Plan +

  • One on One Video Call to discuss Report

₹ 6,000/-*


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