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Devraj Raut Match Analysis Analyst Course Cricket
Cricket Analysis Logo Course Devraj Raut

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Cricket Analysis Course Match Analysis Devraj Raut
Cricket Analysis Logo Course Devraj Raut Performance Analysis

About the Course

Know What you are getting into

This Course will make you understand the path to take from being a Video Analyst to a Performance Analyst in the Indian Cricket Setup. Non - Indians are welcome too, for the Understanding of Cricket Performance Analysis

Devraj Raut Performance Analyst BCCI India A India U-19 Cricket
Devraj Raut,
Performance Analyst,
India A & India U-19 Team,
Former Cricketer
(West Zone U-19),
Course Author
About the Course

Who is this Course For?

Who For

Former Cricketers

Want to stay connected to the Game after hanging your boots? Have some Tech Skills?

Go for it 

Cricket Coaches

Want to Up your Coaching Repertoire? Have some Tech Skills? Become a Modern Coach



Love Cricket? Want to Enter the World of Cricket Analysis? Passion about Cricket & few Tech Skills is all you need. Come Join now

Technical Background

Want to use your Tech Skills in the Field of Cricket? Dream of a Desk overlooking a Cricket Stadium? Here is your Chance

Frustrated Employees

Working 9 to 5 for your Company feels Pointless? Want to put Excel and Powerpoint to good use in Cricket? Take the Course to know if you can get out of the Rat Race

Video Analyst to
Team Performance Analyst
Online Course

2 Part Course

Cricket batsman nets video shoot analysis devraj raut course


match analysis course process devraj raut analyst


2 Part

What will you Learn in Part 1?

Part 1
Devraj Raut performance analysis video analyst video shoot

Handling & Understanding Video Camera & Equipments used for Analysis

What will you Learn in Part 2?

Part 2

Preparation Process for Match Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions 

faq questions cricket analysis course devraj raut analyst
  • What is the Scope of Employment in Future?
    Cricket is an Evolving Sport and a Religion in India. As more and more Academies, Clubs, Leagues, etc open up all around India and the World, the demand for Team Analysts keeps on increasing. Team Analysts can be employed by Local Clubs, Academies, State Associations, National Cricket Boards, Franchisees, etc. So there is immense Scope in the Future. This is the time to earn Knowledge and be prepared for the opportunities.
  • How and Where will the Course be Conducted?
    All Courses are Pre-Recorded, where I Speak, Present, Share my Screen and Explain all the aspects of Analysis from start to end. Participant will be given Assignments and Specialised Softwares to Download and try for themselves, for a Hands On Experience. Some Softwares would be Trial Versions and using them after the Course would be upto the Participants choice and payment.
  • Can I Take only 1 of the 2 Courses?
    You can take any of the 2 Courses, but all 2 Courses are a Progression of the Previous one. For the Indian Cricket Board System, You cannot become a Performance Analyst of a Pro Team unless you have Video Analysis and Match Analysis Experience.
  • Who will be conducting this Course?
    My name is Devraj Raut. I am the Performance Analyst of the India A & India U-19 Team since 2015. I have been working for BCCI since 2010, having an Experience of 14 Years in the field of Video Analysis and Performance Analysis. I'm also a Former Cricketer, having played for Mumbai in All the Age Groups and also represented West Zone U-19 Team. I will be conducting the course myself.
  • What Technical Skills are required for this Field?
    General operations of Windows or MacOS Computers, Excel, Powerpoint, Video Editing, Basic Computer Hardware and Devices understanding, Basic Videography, etc. Higher the Skill level, the better. Willingness to learn new things as Technology keeps updating.
  • I'm a Player / Coach. How can this Course help me?
    Having played the Game is a great asset in this Field. If you want to stay connected to the Game we all Love, this field opens a lot of doors for Former Players and Coaches. Organizations are more likely to employ former Cricketers than just Technical People. Having said that, You do need certain level of technical Skills to get into this field.
  • I'm not an Expert with Technology. Can I do this Course?
    We are all learning new things everyday and we should strive to keep learning, just like in Cricket. Even with basic knowledge of using a Mobile, Laptop, Cameras, etc. you can learn the necessary things to get ahead in this career. You don't need to be a Pro in Technology to start your journey in Cricket Analysis.
  • I have never Played Cricket but I Know All the Rules. Can I take this Course?
    Cricket and Computer Knowledge is required for this Course. Being a Player will be an Advantage but not a requirement. You don't need to be a Pro in Computers as well, but would be preferred.
  • I am a Data Analyst / Data Scientist by Profession. Do I need this Course?
    If you have worked with a Cricket Team before, you probably don't need to do this course. But if your Field of Analysis was not Cricket in specific, then you need this Course to enter the Cricket Ecosystem.
  • Will I get to Apply Data Science / Machine Learning Concepts?
    Cricket Analytics is different to Cricket Analysis. This Course is more Cricket Team centric. I have a Masters in Computer Applications but I do not have Data Science / Machine Learning Background, although some concepts of Data Analytics would be discussed in the Course.

What Participants are Saying?

Well Prepared and spot on with all the Queries asked. The Explanations made the course easier and better to understand.

Had a Good Learning Experience. Looking Forward for more such Courses.

Model in Denim Shirt

The Sessions were well Planned and loved the way the Demo was done on both Mac and Windows systems.

Overall, it was highly Insightful and a great Learning experience. The Topics needed detailed Explanation which was done Expertly and at Perfect Pace

devraj raut cricket analysis course certificate analyst


After completing the course, you will receive a certificate that confirms that you are investing in self-education.


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video shoot analysis process course part 1

Video Shoot & Analysis Process


2 Session Online Course with Assignments

(about 90 - 120 mins per Session)

Video Shoot & Video Analysis covers topics like Video Camera Equipment & Handling, Conducting a Video Shoot, How to Analyse a Player's Technique, etc with Assignments.

Video Analysis Course Price:

₹ 11,800/-

$ 160 (via PayPal)

Now Available as Recordings for Learning at your Own Pace

Cricket Analysis Logo devraj raut course
cricket match analysis process course part 2

Match Analysis Process


3 Session Online Course with Assignments

(about 90 - 120 min per Session)

Match Analysis will cover topics like Prep work for a Tournament, Equipment & Setup, Match Analysis Software, Coding a Match, etc. with Assignments.

Match Analysis Course Price:

₹ 14,750/-

$ 200 (via PayPal)

Now available as Recordings for Learning at your Own Pace.

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